Why loud sounds are an issue for people with hearing loss

It may seem counter-intuitive that people with hearing loss would have an issue with loud sounds and noises. On the surface, it would appear to make more sense that low, quiet or muffled sounds would be more of an issue for people with hearing loss than loud noises.

However, people who have hearing loss often have complex hearing issues and, for many, loud sounds can, in fact, be painful! The sensitivity in the ears of people with hearing loss is what can often cause the problems with loud sounds.

The sensitivity to loud sounds, especially when sudden, is often more of a problem when wearing hearing aids that are not easily adjustable.

Feedback from speakers, background noise and sudden sharp noises can all be an issue for people wearing hearing aids as sounds are amplified and volume levels may need to be adjusted to suit the situation.

Our team of BSc qualified audiologists at Blackberry Hearing understand these dynamics and are trained to recognise the sounds and pitches that might cause an issue for you. In addition, our hearing aids use the latest in Danish designed technology and are adjustable to a wide range of variables.

With 4 pre-programmable settings, which can be manually adjusted by you as you go about your day, our hearing aids make for a more pleasant and seamless hearing experience. Our audiologists will work with you to find the best levels and programs for your own individual hearing loss.

In addition to this, our hearing aids have 15 or 10 channels of sound resolution, respectively,  depending on the model you choose, and all models come with a telecoil feature to stream telecoil broadcasts to your hearing aids. They also have a phone plus feature which will stream phone calls to both hearing aids.

All of this technology combined makes for the best possible hearing experience for your own individual needs.


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