How to talk to your elderly parents about hearing aids

If you have older parents, you may notice as they age that their hearing seems to be deteriorating. Some of the signs you may have noticed are;

  • They may be asking you to repeat yourself regularly
  • They may be mistaking what you have actually said for something completely different
  • They pause or appear to be trying to figure out what you have just said before they respond to you
  • You may need to adjust the TV or radio volume when your parents are with you

If you suspect one of your parents is experiencing hearing loss, you might be wondering what is the best way to approach discussing hearing tests and hearing aids with them. It could feel like a role reversal or it could be something they are attaching a stigma to.

In years gone by, there was somewhat of a stigma attached to wearing hearing aids as they were visible and clunky in their design. However, today’s technology is so small and discreet that hearing aids are practically invisible.

How can you best prepare to have the ‘hearing aid conversation’?

The best way to prepare for this conversation is to do your research in advance so that any fears or concerns they may have can be allayed. Approach the conversation softly and try not to push. Just impart the information and allow them time to digest it and think about it.

Researching good audiologists who can perform a hearing consultation nearby is a good place to start.

At Blackberry Hearing, all of our audiologists are BSc or MSc qualified and attend clinics all over the country. They will even perform a home hearing test if that is preferred.

Research the costs of hearing aids. There are vast differences in price from supplier to supplier but very little difference in the actual hearing aids themselves. At Blackberry Hearing, our hearing aids start from just €499 per ear with the grant. This is up to 60% less expensive than the majority of our competitors.

It is also a good idea to research the available technology. There are many features available in hearing aids today and perhaps not all will be applicable to your parent.

Our hearing aids come in 2 models – one is a little more advanced than the other. All of our hearing aids are manufactured and supplied to us by Widex, a world leading Danish manufacturer who supplies much of the hearing aid market across the world.

If you have any further questions, or would like to find out more about us before you speak with your parent/s, then why not call us on 01 697 8470 today. We’d be more than happy to answer your questions.