If you suspect you have hearing loss, chances are you are already looking into what you can do about it.

First step, you can call Blackberry Hearing who will provide you with a full and Free hearing consultation by a professional (BSc or higher) audiologist.

Your Blackberry Hearing audiologist will let you know if you have hearing loss, show you the extent of hearing loss by frequency, program and fit you with modern discreet hearing aids, should you have hearing loss, so that you can immediately experience how the latest technology can restore your hearing. If in the unlikely event there are any medical concerns your audiologist will refer you to your GP.


  1. What qualifies as hearing loss?

This may sound like an over simplified question, but you might be surprised at what qualifies as hearing loss and you want to make sure you are understanding the diagnosis correctly. Sometimes, something as simple as earwax build up could be causing the problem.

Don’t be afraid to probe a little further and find out what solutions are being suggested and whether the hearing loss is temporary or longer term.

  1. What should I do about my particular type of hearing loss?

Once you have established what is actually causing your hearing loss and whether it is long or short term, your audiologist will simply explain all your options to you. In cases of simple issues such as earwax build up, there are many products on the market, such as drops and solutions that will dissolve wax and solve the problem easily.

It is important to attend a fully qualified audiologist as with Blackberry Hearing, as the consultation is key to the success of any solution you may consider.

For example, at Blackberry Hearing, all of our audiologists are BSc or MSc qualified and will spend time with you diagnosing your exact issue and recommending a solution that is tailored to your specific hearing loss.

  1. Why am I experiencing this hearing loss?

Your audiologist will explain why you are experiencing hearing loss. She/he may talk to you about damage that has been done to the ears as a result of repeated exposure to loud sounds or, indeed, hearing loss as a result of ageing. Your audiologist will discuss your medical history related to your hearing . If there is a concern that your hearing loss is likely a symptom of another health issue such as Diabetes you will be referred to your GP. Blackberry Hearing hold clinics in over 50 locations natiowide and will even organise a home visit, if that suits you best.

To find out more, why not call us today on 01 697 8470.