With a New Year upon us and many resolutions already broken (!) why not take some time out to reassess your goals for the year and ask yourself what is really important to you?

Many of us set resolutions around our health, such as weight loss, healthy eating, exercise etc, which are all important areas of health to master, but what about the often overlooked areas of health that have a big part to play in our overall happiness? What about things like the quality of our hearing or vision? Our mental health? Our happiness and overall quality of life?

Why not look to make just small improvements in some of these areas?

Did you know, for example, that for people with hearing loss, the quality of life is drastically effected by missing out on conversations but that overall quality of life can be significantly improved by rectifying the problem of hearing loss.

This in turn has a very positive effect on overall mental health and happiness.


A recent UK wide study of people with hearing loss showed that improving hearing loss with the use of hearing aids has a wide and somewhat unexpected impact on the quality of life.

The survey reveals “interesting new topics such as improved quality of sleep, tremendous satisfaction with regard to improved quality of life, improvements in bullying experiences and confirmation that people with hearing aids are less at risk of developing depressive symptoms, less inclined to forgetfulness and less ‘worn out’ in the evenings, both physically and mentally”

There is no doubt that an overall improvement in the quality of life can be seen as a result of using hearing aids to improve hearing loss.

When analysed, this makes perfect sense as users of hearing aids often express that they were feeling ‘left out’ and/or confused whist suffering from hearing loss felt more included in conversations once they had been fitted with hearing aids.

It makes sense too that people with hearing loss can experience depressive symptoms as a result of the isolation that comes with being left out of conversations and that this is reversible with the use of hearing aids.

In addition, feeling ‘worn-out’ is a common feeling with hearing loss as sufferers have to strain to hear and concentrate throughout the day, which takes a toll on energy levels.

Improvements in hearing equals improvements in overall wellbeing

With all of these findings in mind, the UK report on hearing loss concludes that an improvement in hearing with the use of hearing aids leads to an overall improvement in wellbeing and mental health.

We think that is one health related resolution worth making!

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