The hearing consultation is straightforward, painless and free of charge and takes about one hour and fifteen minutes.  It is a three-stage process consisting of ..

  1. A chat – Discussing and understanding your hearing history and related medical history
  2. A hearing test – This involves an optical examination of your ears, a bone conduction test and a full audiometric test using the latest technology
  3. A fitting – You will be fitted with the appropriate hearing aids as previously discussed with you.

Your options, prices and grant eligibility will all have been clearly outlined to you by phone, prior to you coming into the consultation.

The consultation will produce an audiogram which plots your hearing capability by frequency and this will be explained to you at the consultation.

The fitting of the hearing aids allows you there and then to experience the comfort, look and most importantly the impact of the hearing correction. You may purchase on the day should you want to.



Uniquely, our hearing care professionals have a BSc Audiology (4-year) degree qualification or higher MSc (Audiology). The hearing consultation is free and lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The audiologist will begin with a discussion of your hearing health history.

The audiologist will ask about your previous medical history, when you first noticed your hearing loss, any previous exposure to loud sounds and to what extent you experience hearing loss in your daily life.


Our qualified audiologist will examine your ears using a lighted probe called an otoscope to look for any physical ear problems. This is a painless and non-invasive examination.



Standard hearing examinations include audiometric testing or tests that physically measure your level of hearing loss.

You will be asked to sit and listen to a series of tones that are sent to you via headphones. You will indicate by pressing a button which sounds you can hear and your results will be plotted on an audiogram.

Our audiologist will use this data to measure your hearing loss. Using this and feedback mechanisms will enable the audiologist to program your hearing aids to specifically address your hearing loss.

The hearing aids will then be fitted.  Your feedback is then taken into account to complete the programming.

You will be booked back in for a 4-week follow up to allow the audiologist to monitor your progress.