Blackberry Hearing provides hearing aids made in Denmark by Widex, one of the world’s most renowned hearing aid manufacturers.  Other hearing aid providers apply a high margin to cover the high costs of managing their business. Blackberry Hearing applies significantly less margin with the intent of providing more hearing aids to those who cannot or just will not splash out several thousand euros for a pair of hearing aids. For example, Blackberry Hearing uses GP practices and pharmacies to host its clinics saving unnecessary costs by not having its own clinic premises. This allows the company to focus on providing exemplary customer care (see our testimonial page) which in itself helps promote our services by positive referral. This also saves on promotional costs.

Blackberry Hearing was established because the founders felt there was an opportunity to provide a quality service with groundbreaking customer care at great prices. The company employed only the most highly qualified people with the right customer-orientated attitude and established clear processes to ensure the customers received the very best customer care. This is a top-down management philosophy enabled by great processes and delivered by great staff. Check out the several dozens of testimonials posted on our testimonial page, with Facebook links, which mention in glowing terms the various audiologists’ names, all different but all spoken of in the highest terms of the care they received.

The easiest way to find out is to simply call us on 01 6978470 or fill in the form on this website on our Grant page. We can check online once we have your PPS number and Date Of Birth. It’s a significant reduction with €500 off the price of one hearing aid or €1000 off the price of a pair of hearing aids. For example, this means you can buy a Dinamico 10 hearing aid on the day from Blackberry Hearing for €499 or a pair of Dinamico 10s for €998. If you have checked prices elsewhere you will know that this is a significant price difference.

Most people qualify for the grant. It depends on full PRSI having been paid, as an employee or an employer, over a period of time. There is also a grant available if you are deemed to be a dependent spouse where your spouse is eligible and you have been earning less than €100 per week. The process to check this is lengthier but we will explain all if you call us at 01 6978470.

Most people who contact us have hearing loss. Usually, you know but not always. Sometimes a spouse or family member has been telling you that you are missing out on the conversation. The two questions we ask on the phone to identify if you have hearing loss are ..(1) Do you struggle to hear in crowds or with background noise? .and (2) Do you turn up the TV louder than others like?

The consultation is a three-stage process. Firstly, the audiologist asks you about your hearing history and establishes the impact of hearing loss on your life. Secondly, the audiologist checks your hearing by conducting various tests including an optical examination. The main test, the audiometry test, involves measuring your hearing capability by your response to various tones at selected frequencies and plots an audiogram. Thirdly, your audiogram is used to program appropriate hearing aids and these are then fitted so that you can immediately experience the benefit.

One of the concerns preventing people adopting hearing aids is the worry about them being seen. While this is changing, some people still associate those older big clumsy hearing aids with ageing. The irony is that modern small discreet hearing aids are highly effective in slowing down the ageing process.

Our hearing aids are the ultra-small RIC style, one of the world’s smallest hearing aids, which sit comfortably hidden behind the ear. They feel comfortable, look great and are very discreet. They are almost invisible even with short or no hair! See video detail attached.

Easy! You can call us at 01 6978470 or e-mail us at info@blackberryhearing.com . We will try to answer all incoming calls but if we can’t, please leave a message and a telephone number and we will get right back to you.

Both our hearing aids correct from mild to severe hearing loss.  Our audiologist will program your hearing aid to your specific hearing loss whichever model you choose.

Both our Dinamico 10 and Dinamico 15 deliver an exceptional hearing experience when programmed to correct your particular hearing loss.

Our Dinamico 15 incorporates advanced speech enhancement and background noise suppression which delivers a better hearing experience for the user.

The first check is your battery which needs replacing on a regular basis. You will have received batteries with your hearing aid purchase to last you at least a year. The second check is your filter. The audiologist will have shown you how to change the filter. You will have received filters with your purchase. The below link demonstrates how to change the battery and the filter. If you need any further help just call us at 01 6978470. If in the unlikely event there is a fault we just swap your hearing aid for a brand new one there and then.

Yes! Our hearing aids come with a four-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.