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Blackberry hearing was established to offer a uniquely, positive customer experience for those wishing to address their hearing loss.  Offering the latest technology in hearing aids, with a team of highly qualified audiologists, Blackberry Hearing commits to providing the best possible hearing solution at the best prices, sometimes 60% less than other hearing aid providers.

John Ryan
John RyanCo-Founder
John comes from a business background where putting the customer first was always a priority. Co-founding Blackberry Hearing with Dave Gleeson, they designed the company by drawing on their customer focused business experience. Formerly a manager of Samsung Semiconductor Ireland, John later built a large sales business servicing and selling into multinational computer companies such as Dell. He is a co-founder of Irrus Investments, one of Ireland’s largest business angel syndicates, which funds high tech startup companies.
David Gleeson
David GleesonCo-Founder
Founded Blackberry Hearing in 2016 to address the shockingly high cost of hearing aids. Providing quality hearing solutions at about 40% of the price of other retailers has meant that hundreds of people, who may otherwise have been unable to afford hearing aids, have had their lives changed for the better.
Rita Foley
Rita FoleyAudiologist - B.Sc. (Audiology)
As an audiologist, it is my aim to provide the best possible service I can in terms of both the clinical assessment and vitally the care the customer receives. One reason I am delighted to work for Blackberry Hearing is because Blackberry Hearing ticks all the key
boxes. With its affordable prices and customer care philosophy, I can offer a very reliable and good customer care service, ensuring that each customer remains very happy with both their hearing aids and their new hearing experience.
Megan Munnelly
Megan MunnellyAudiologist - B.Sc. (Audiology)
Hearing is one of those things that we all take for granted until it’s taken away. I have seen that many times and have witnessed the effect the loss of hearing can have on an individual’s life, as well as their families. I love keeping active and socialising and I can see how if these things were taken away from me my life would change. I really enjoy the feeling of helping somebody regain parts of their lives that were neglected because of their hearing difficulty. It really is rewarding working at Blackberry Hearing and I have great job satisfaction.
Bernadine Kilbride
Bernadine KilbrideAudiologist - B.Sc. (Audiology)
I have seen how hearing loss can affect people’s quality of life and especially communication with their families. I always aim to provide first class hearing assessments with quality after-care and Blackberry Hearing ethically does so, which is hugely important to me. Hearing loss is very personal and can be truly isolating. Listening to the person with hearing loss is key. The pathway of hearing assessment and hearing aids is something I see through from start to finish as it’s fantastic to see how an individual’s life benefits from the intervention of hearing aids and communication tips.
Rhea Finnegan
Rhea FinneganAudiologist - M.Sc. (Audiology)
As an audiologist, I have seen the impact that hearing loss can have on a person’s quality of life, both physically and emotionally. My aim is to effectively treat hearing loss and to inform people that it is highly manageable and not just an inconvenience that one must put up with. At Blackberry Hearing, we focus on providing excellent and affordable customer care from the initial assessment right through to the after-care services. This allows me to provide optimal management care pathways that best suit the needs of the individual. For me, seeing people progress and improve their personal and social situations are the most rewarding aspects of this career.

Blackberry Hearing Values

To transform lives by providing the best hearing aids with exceptional customer care at the most affordable prices available.

To be absolutely transparent, clear and informative on our process and prices.

To provide the best possible customer-care to all our customers from the consultation through the life of the hearing aid.

To provide the most affordable prices available for the latest technology hearing aids.


Blackberry Hearing have supplied me with extraordinary comfortable hearing aids. I’m not aware that I’m wearing them. I am aware if I am not wearing them. They are high quality and have basically changes my life. The price was also superb!

Ann Ryan

Unbelievable prices and really looked after me. I can’t speak highly enough of the folks in Blackberry Hearing.

Michael Ormonde

When we are out with a group of people, I’m in the conversation now. Everyone keeps asking me questions because they suddenly realise “What’s happening Declan? He’s chatting away now like he never did before”. They don’t realise the reason I never did before was that I couldn’t hear them!

Declan Kelly
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