The Cost Of Hearing Aids in Ireland

Approximately 17% of Irish people aged over 60 years suffer from significant hearing loss and substantially more have mild to moderate hearing loss. Most people don’t address their hearing concerns despite the huge advances in hearing aid technology. This is despite the well-publicized health and mental health benefits that accrue from engaging fully with friends and family. Though denial plays a significant part, price and price transparency play a bigger role in people not adopting the latest hearing aid technology.

High prices have been a feature of the Irish market for so long because there have been enough people prepared to pay exorbitant prices to hear fully again. In 2015 Blackberry Hearing was established to address the twin issues of price and price transparency so now Blackberry Hearing provide top of the range hearing aid models at up to 50% less than other retailers. All our prices may be viewed on our website at Combined with this, Blackberry Hearing employ BSc or MSc level audiologists to ensure the best possible hearing solution for their customers at significantly reduced prices.  Blackberry Hearing has revolutionized the market in Ireland and in a short time accumulated hundreds of positive customer reviews on Facebook, most of which can be viewed at

For people suffering from hearing loss, there is a desperate need to rectify their condition so that they can take part in conversation again. The latest technology comes in the shape of small hidden hearing aids which provide an excellent natural sound but can also stream music, phone calls and conversation from your phone, TV and mobile phone into your hearing aids. The difference to people’s lives may be viewed in their own comments on the Blackberry Hearing testimonial page.

If you would like to know more simply call us on 01 6978470 and we can explain in simple terms your options, prices and whether you qualify for the €1000 PRSI grant towards a pair of hearing aids.