Better Hearing, Much Better Prices

The hearing aid business is dominated by a sales model that necessitates high margins. Clinics on the Main Street recover the high cost of promotion, the cost of clinics, sales reps and salaries by loading the infrequent sales of hearing aids with very high margin.
Those who actually buy hearing aids pay for the low hit rate by paying a fortune for their hearing aids. Most hearing aid companies offer free follow up calls for many years though few customers really avail of this and frankly many are quickly forgotten by the hearing aid retailer. We hear about these bad experiences all the time. Make no mistake these businesses can struggle to make real money but this is due to low sales numbers and, in our view, a costly sales model. Maybe people are just not buying because of the exorbitant prices?? Does this sound familiar? It should.. because airline travel was exorbitant back in the eighties and I recall paying £250 in the mid-eighties to fly to London. By today’s terms, this is like paying about €700 at least. Did the airlines make huge money? No, because of low efficiencies and volumes but they felt they had to justify their high prices and threw in free breakfast and a free Irish Times! All changed utterly with the rise of the low-cost carriers, in particular, Ryanair, which democratised flight travel for the masses. People would rather fly for €70 to their destination and buy their own Irish Times for €2! Ryanair made money because they generated volume.
We in Blackberry Hearing want to change the hearing aid business and the way people buy hearing aids. We offer high-quality hearing aids, the same quality as those who charge €4,000 to €5,500 for a pair at a vastly reduced price. Our hearing aid prices start at €1398 a pair, or €699 (€349 with grant) for a hearing aid with the same technology. We offer free home testing and fitting. We offer a follow-up visit and our customers may call us anytime for advice. All this is included in the price. We do not offer 7 years call out because we do not believe people avail of it or it is required. In the rare event that they do, we charge a small call out fee.
We believe we can make hearing aids accessible to those who would not buy at €5000 per pair. Already our customers are largely those who checked out prices with other retailers and were quoted these really high prices. They immediately understood the value we offered and purchased from us. Without our offering, they would have continued to go without hearing aids incurring the ongoing social and cognitive decline associated with long-term hearing loss. We believe we can democratise the business of acquiring hearing aids just like Ryanair did with the airline business. Why pay €3,000 to €4,000 more for similar technology? I guess people may say there must be a difference if we have to pay that much more. There isn’t! Yes, there are some superfluous freebies in the Ts and Cs but not worth thousands.
Call us at Blackberry Hearing to learn more. No voice mails, no come in and see us so we can upsell you a pair of expensive hearing aids. We will tell you upfront if we can help you, whether you qualify for the grant and how much it will cost you. We hope you find this refreshing because we do.